How to snap property picture with any camera

17 11 2009

By Hasnuddin Abu Samah (

There are very few simple steps to shoot property picture that helps you sell your property faster on the internet. You don’t need a professional camera for that. Any basic point and shoot camera will do the job. You can even use your mobile phone camera if you like. The most important thing here is the technique.

Before you start shooting, don’t forget to set your digital camera to capture the image in its highest quality with the largest size. In other words, the picture file must be as large as possible. With this setting, you can get the best quality picture in terms of sharpness, tone and color.

The best time to shoot the property picture is early in the morning (around 8.00am-9.00am) or late in the evening (around 5.00pm-6.00pm). At these times, the sun is quite low on the horizon, giving you a nice side lighting. The sunlight is also not too harsh as in the afternoon, and there are no ugly shadows during that time. Additionally, the early morning and late evening sunlight will give you a warm and slightly diffused lighting effect. In the art of photography, good lighting means good pictures!

To get the best picture, the sunlight must not come from the back of your subject. This will usually make the subject appear dark in the picture and you will not be able to capture the details of the property. The light should be coming either from the side or from the front of your subject. It’s good if you know the position of the sun according to the property beforehand.

Don’t just stand in front of the property and snap the picture. Move and look around for the best angle. Maybe the property looks better from the side or maybe its look better from a high angle. Take as many shots as possible from various angles. You can decide later which angle is the best for your subject.

A property should look good in a picture, especially if you want to sell it. Take out any unnecessary elements around the property. Make sure there is no rubbish around the property, take out anything that doesn’t look good in the picture and hide anything that is not related to the property. Remember, you want to sell the property and you want your potential buyer to focus on the property. Do not distract their view with anything else.

Compose your picture nicely before you snap the picture. Only include necessary objects in your picture. Crop out anything else that doesn’t relate to your main subject. If there is a nice big tree beside the property, maybe you should include it in the picture. On the other hand, if there is a telephone pole near the property, you should move in closer and exclude the telephone pole from the picture. Think before you snap the picture. Try to capture the picture of the property in its best possible view and condition.



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