5 Important Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Property for My Family

15 04 2010


I consider on 5 important factors before buying the best house for my family as below:
1. Local Bank / Foreign Bank
I prefer banks are located nearby (within 5km) my house, especially foreign banks. License for foreign bank in Malaysia is very limited. The location chosen by them surely have been gone through a lot of marketing research. Therefore, their locations are my very good indicator to identify the best prime location.
2. Highway / Public Transport
My family and I are travelling on the LDP, KESAS, and NKVE highways everyday! Paying tolls are just like part of our life nowadays. We should ‘Thanks’ this for our government on the poor town planning and public transport system! For me, the purpose of highways were constructed mainly purpose to shorten the travelling time from point A to B and/or C. in other words, it should improve the accessibility of location A, B and C. Good and flexible access is a must for good value property.
3. Primary & Secondary School / International school
Every parent wishes their children to be educated at the best primary & secondary schools in town. Therefore, those houses located nearby to school are normally more demanded for family who buy the house staying for long-term. More demands mean better capital appreciation over the time.
4. Shopping Center / Hypermarket
Many research show that majority of the Malaysians’ weekend activity is shopping. How frequent of you and your family go shopping at Jusco, Giant, Tesco, Carrefour, Isetan, Midvalley Mega Mall, 1 Utama, The Curve, Ikea or Suria KLCC shopping centre during weekends? Crowded places will automatically boost the business activities surrounding. More business means better property values.
5. Comfortable & Quality Environment
In fact, it is not that difficult to find an ideal family house surrounded by banks, schools, highways and hypermarkets in Klang Valley Malaysia. But, a house with good quality environment, on top of the others four factors mentioned earlier, it’s not an easy task then. for me, a comfortable and good quality environment for me includes, greenery eco friendly environment, better security environment with the gated & guarded concept, quality neighbors for living friendly environment and etc.
So, what’s your consideration on buying a perfect house for family?



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