Money not spent is not yours

15 04 2010


This title sounds contradictory to financial intelligence.

As what we all understand, you need to save money to get richer. That involves spending less than you earn and save whenever possible.

Let me tell you a story. In fact, I didn’t make up this phrase on my own. I heard it from a close friend. And he is not ordinary people. He is the best in what he does in Penang. When someone with his status, wealth and ability said this, there must be some wisdom in it.

He plans his oversea trip one year ahead. When you open his calendar, you’ll find that he knows which part of the globe he will be going to (mostly for vacation) in the next 12 months. He is travelling for fun almost every month. For some of the trips, he asked me to join him.

Sometimes I will join him, sometimes not. Some of the trips are luxurious and expensive, such as cruise vacations in the Europe. If I am going with him, I will be bringing my wife along. It costs RM12,000 per person for the cruise vacation. I will need to fork out RM24k if I join him.

“No”, I said I can’t join him because RM24k is a lot of money. I think spending RM24k in 10 days is a luxury.

As you might have guessed, this was his reply:

“Money not spent, is not yours.”

We spend money in exchange for a certain value. The “value” we desire may be something materialistic, or a service that improve our life in certain ways.

What he means is that you will only get the values when you spend the money to do the exchange.

The truth is that the amount of wealth you have does reflect your life value. The more money you have, the more you can spend to increase your value further.

What do you think?



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