Information & Documents Needed by Seller’s Lawyer for Selling a House in Malaysia

22 04 2010

What are the procedures of selling a house in Malaysia? If this is your first time to sell a house, then you should appoint a lawyer representing you to handle and ensures all the proper selling property procedures are in order, accordingly.
It doesn’t make sense to save the few thousand legal fees and putting you into the risk of a deal involving easily hundred thousand, agree?
After you have appointed your own lawyer, prepare the following information and documents immediately for them to proceed the selling process:A copy of the “Offer to Purchase”
A complete set of your “Principal Sale and Purchase Agreement”
The copies of your current loan documentations (“Loan Agreement”, “Deed of Assignment” and “Power of Attorney”)
Your income tax number and serving branch
The latest “Assessment Receipt”
The latest statement of accounts from the Joint Management Body/the Developer
A clear copy of your NRIC
Your housing loan account number and the address of the branch
A latest statement on the housing loan account, revealing that the Redemption Sum does not exceed the balance 90% of the Purchase Price



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