Hang Around Motivated People

2 06 2010

I’m sure there’s been so much talk about this that it’s almost become cliche but if you want to be motivated, it will help so much to be around motivated people!

As I think back, I can already see this since I was in school. I remember that people seem to form groups during school and that in turn dictates everyone’s social circle. On one end, there was the group of people that didn’t really socialized but was probably on top of their class. On the other end of the spectrum, there were the coolest kids who usually weren’t doing so good in school. These two groups didn’t set a mandate to be a certain way, but they turned out that way because of the members themselves.

When everyone in your group is about trying to talk to the opposite sex instead of studying for school, it is just almost impossible for you to study. As a result, you end up thinking and talking about the opposite sex instead of studying, and slowly but surely you will become be one of them.

Now take this to the environment that we are interested in – to be motivated. If you hang around other people that are motivated, you will feel the energy and motivation yourself. Instead of talking about whether it’s 5pm yet, you will be talking about your success stories and how you plan to solve them. You will be consumed in the success and thinking that others have and eventually, you will be motivated too.

If you don’t feel motivated right now, chances are that you are hanging around the wrong people. Go find yourself some new friends that are more motivated and start building relationships with colleagues that are productive. You won’t be sorry.



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