Here are some learning points I got from the convention

15 07 2010

…….Here are some learning points I got from the convention:

1- invest in yourself – buy books, attend seminars & talks
2- have a correct mindset & positive thinking
3- seminars and books are good but not good enough. You need a support group. So you are encouraged
to find a suitable and compatible, fellow property investors
4- leverage on the others’ experiences, skills and network
5- act now .. take action .. not just action .. massive action
6- start investing as ‘baby investor’. Don’t try to prove to others that you can do better than them buy buying
the most expensive property. Learn to crawl, walk then only run.
7- Start with +ve cashflow, follow by capital appreciation. Ideal would be a combination of both.
8- the number of property you bought is not important but how much your +ve cashflow is
9- Pros and cons of residential property vs commercial property investment
10- Which property to buy if you want financial freedom and financial independence
11- Have a plan for both entry and exit.
12- Don’t get too emotional or attached to your property.. You should love the deal not the property
13- Invest at your own level, experience, skills and financial capabilities. For newbies, go for residential
properties. Smaller capital appreciation and less cashflow but less risky
14- Money management & many-many more

Although I knew all of the above, from reading books and attending various seminars, it is always good to listen to it over and over, especially coming from successful persons.



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