Why Invest In Silver

5 11 2010

In turbulent times, everyone is seeking precious metal as hedging against devalue dollar. Precious metal is chosen by investor due to its intrinsic value. Gold, Silver and Platinum are among them. As topic stated, I’m going to discuss about silver instead of gold. I had did some research on investing in silver after finished reading the prophecy of Robert T.Kiyosaki in his book, Increasing Your Financial IQ.
From my research, I found a few interesting facts about silver (Surprising me):

Silver is consumable industry metal :

Silver is used in electronics, such as television, cell phone, computer, batteries, jewelry, and etc. Silver is neither recycle nor reuse.

Silver is used up, gold is hoarded : 95% gold ever found is still around
300 millions ounces silver left : run out of silver by year 2020!

Silver mining : 75% of silver is a by-product of mining other metal while only 25% of silver is primary product of mining

Low supply, high demand : Price skyrocket

Extremely Undervalue : People think it should be cheap

Based on the above six facts, there are no reasons to not invest in Silver, especially low supply, high demand. I’m still finding ways to invest silver in Malaysia. Anyone has any ideas how to invest silver in Malaysia?



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