5 Step Plan To Financial Freedom & Making A Ton of Money

14 04 2011

If there is a common goal of successful people I met is this: they want to become wealthy or they are already wealthy. Wealth is something you can create if you know how.

Here’s how:

1. Decide what you want – This is the starting point to wealth building. If you do know what you want you will know what steps to make in order to achieve this goal. Have clear goals, not just say I want more money say instead I want $50,000 dollars income by 2011, be specific, have deadlines and create your wealth map starting from that.

2. You need to understand your strengths and weakness, your likes and dislikes – If you are good at buying properties, you can become a real estate investor, if you are good at teaching, you can have your own school. Whatever you do, it’s easier to achieve wealth if you do what you are good at and what you really like.

3. Create your wealth plan starting from your strengths and passion – It’s not surprise that Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah are so successful. They have talent in what they do plus they are passionate. So Talent + Passion + Product or service people want to buy = Speed Wealth Building. Find your talents, your passion and find if people are willing to give you money in exchange of that, you will be on the right track.

4. Break down your goal to mini-realistic goals – Rome wasn’t built in one day, so do wealth. Focus on understanding your ultimate goals and breaking them in small but realistic steps that will put you one step further to success.

5. Write your plan on paper and put in a place you can see it every day – You need to remind yourself of your goal every single day if you want to succeed. If you are consistent and persist you are going to become successful sooner or later.

If you find useful this article and you are serious about solving your money worries for good I recommend you read this blog article here click here.

It’s a short article and I know it will help you understand money so easily you will say “aha!” and understand that making a lot of money is within the reach of everyone, no matter were you are you can make alot of money.



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