Email from a reader: Save enough to get started with maximum ASB loan

14 06 2012


There will be some interesting stories shared by readers from time to time. This one catch my attention and I think it wold benefit you as well. Here is the email from Eidil.

As a a teenager who is on his way to grow up become a man, I live a simple life here in Penang, with a moderate income for just only RM1k plus. I have a big dream of becoming not just a succesful man but I want my self to become a millionaire and maybe a succesful entepreneur or businessman. With nowadays economy, we can not predict anything because we hardly get to know what is going to happen on the next day. However for me, I like to plan anything that I do and follow on schedule. It helps my life to be organize with anything I do.

When it comes about money, some of my friends will call me “kedekut”. Haha.. probably I am. It is easy to say for them who do not have any responsibility towards family and any other commitments. This is because some of them come from a rich family and some of them do not have any family’s debt that have being pass over to their shoulder.

Usually people around my age, around 20s, when they start to work, they will be thinking of buying a new luxury car, find a nice girlfriend, go for holidays and they are thinking about enjoy! enjoy! and enjoy! But not for me, I do not have such life because I’ve been summoned to save whatever i have including money for any emergency for my family.

All of my friends always say to me ” get a life man..” Haha.. that is true because as you might see, what kind of life can I have when I need to save all I got for my saving. It doesn’t matter how much do I earn, I need to save because I do not have any saving which is left for me by my family, not like my friends.

So I’ve being thinking and saving. What did I mean by thinking and saving? Thinking, I’ve being thinking about my life. Why can’t I enjoy like others? Why I can not even change my old motorcyle? Why I can not have such a beautiful lady as my girlfriend? It tooks me about more than a year of thinking about this. As time goes by, I keep seeing that all of my friends are very happy with their life until that moment come.

The moment of changing the attitude. It is all started on one fine day when I “lepak” at a coffe stall with my friends and suddenly one of my friend just arrived. He ordered one milo ice and suddenly he asked 4 of us,”hey have you guys heard about the ASB-loan?”. He explain to us about how we can fill up our ASB book with RM200k and i was excited about it. He recommended us to do it at Maybank because he worked there.

So after that day, one week later, I took my annual leave and went to the bank because I can not stand anymore and just keep dreaming to become the owner of the RM200k. WOW!! Haha.. So on my leave day, I went to Maybank and ask about this ASB loan and they explain to me on everything about it. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my ASB book, so I need to return back home to get my book and come again to the bank. Well, you know what? Without I noticing that my saving for two years were almost more than RM15k inside the ASB book.

So I decided to do the maximum of the ASB loan which is RM200k for 25 years in just ONE DAY!! Wow!! haha.. By paying to the bank lump sum of the payment for one year, after this I don’t have to worried anymore. So, on that evening, I told my friends about this good news and ask them have you all did it? All of them say NO and they got ask me where do I got my money to pay for the ASB loan? You know the answer, from my saving. I didn’t realize that while I’ve been thinking about my life for the past 2 years, at the same time I already save more than my friends that spend their money for their “enjoyable” lifestyle.

So after a few months, 2 of my friends did the ASB loan, but not like me, they paid it monthly and they did it for only RM50k, compare to me which is RM200k. Because of the saving power, I am now one step further than my friends. Now, I can concentrate on buying gold with my monthly salary while my friends used their salalry to pay the ASB loan.
Again, I am one step ahead from them. However, I still got my friends who ask their “rich papa” to pay for their ASB loan and become equal to me, for me that is nothing because that is his luck. Good for him but for me, I am proud of myself because i am using my own saving money to earn something more big.

So, what I’m trying to say here to fellow readers.. You can enjoy but after you have gain more than you spend. That is my principe. When the time you have money, then everything will come on the spot by itself including girls. Hihihi…

I know some of us might feel unfair for example… I heard a lot from my non-Bumi friends said that Malay are lucky because you have the ASB, Tabung Haji and a lot facilities for the Malay. But, let me tell you Malay also sometimes jealous to the non-Bumi because they hold the power of industry for example in Penang itself. From my point of view, there is no point to keep on blaming and jealous to each other because you know why? We live in the same country here, so we should work hard and build up together our own economy and gain more money by sharing whatever we have.

All the jealousy and envy, for me that is the old minded thinking. I think for me, as an individual, I love to see where all of us sitting down and discussing on how we can gain more money and improve our economy, no matter what race you are, what skin color you have… But, for me when it comes to money, I think everybody have the right on it.

So, lets imrove our economy and money power together.Wrok together and build wealth together for our own future and generations. REMEMBER: Save early cause you can gain more for your compounded power. Ignore others and keep saving and you will satisfied when you see it grows.

Thank you KC for giving me this opportunity to share my story and opinion.

Thank you,

So, if you are a bumiputra in Malaysia, have you taken the loan for ASB investment? Did you have more than RM15k savings when you are 20 years old? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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