Increase your Internet Speed, Maximize it !

19 07 2012

Are you tired by your slow internet broadband or modem speed ?
If Yes then you are at right place, TechDay will teach you an easy method to Maximize your internet performance and Increase your internet speed upto 30 % .

Before Increasing your speed lets know how your internet works !
How Internet Works ?
When you enter a website like your request is redirected to your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider’s) default Domain Name Server, also called DNS.
This DNS is accessed by all the Internet user of that particular ISP.
After getting request of the DNS server process your request and redirects to original address (IP Address) i.e. and you can open Google website.
Due to too many request’s at a time often DNS server take time to process your request which causes slow down of your internet speed.

How To Increase Internet Speed ?
This method works on all version of Microsoft Windows,
Linux Users have to take hint from this method and have to find the Option their own.
Please follow each step carefully and do not modify any other option, it might stop your internet connection from work so follow the Steps carefully
Follow the Given Steps
1. Open “Control Panel” in Classic View, XP Users .
2. Open “Network Connections” .
3. Select your Network For example Local Area Network or Dial Up whatever .
4. “Right Click” on your Network .
5. Goto “Properties” .
6. Goto “Networking” Tab .
7. Double Click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) .
8. Select the the Option “Use the following DNS server addresses:”
9. Now In “Preferred DNS server” enter any of the following
Open DNS (Recommend)
GoogleDNS(Slow then Open DNS)
10. Now in “Alternate DNS server” enter any of the Following
Open DNS (Recommend)
GoogleDNS(Slow then Open DNS)
11. Now Click OK .
12. Now Again Click OK .
13. If any Box appears click Ok again .
14. Restart Computer and Restart the Connection .
Hurray !! Congratulation :D !! You have now Increased your Internet Speed upto 30 % !!
If you got into any problems then or want share your experience or want to say just thanx you can use comment box below.

Enjoy !!




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