Why loan?

8 11 2016

Most people are so fearful about the property market bursting right now. Anyway, I still think that Malaysia property is worth purchasing, because of some very simple facts:
1. Young population:  as more people are born, land size remains the same. Property value will rise when the supply can’t keep up with the demand
2. Favourable financing option

Let me elaborate more on why this favourable financing environment benefits those who buy properties. As you know, there are two types of return a property can produce, whether you are buying it for own stay or investment. Read the rest of this entry »

Wrong Perception about Debt-by KC Lau

8 11 2016

Wrong Perception about Debt

The first wrong perception is that debt is considered evil. Some common advice are:

  • settle your housing loan as early as possible
  • don’t borrow to invest

Your parents told you to settle your housing loan ASAP. My parents used to say that too because they bought their only home with 50% cash, and the remaining loan was settled within 3 years! Even financial planners tell you to clear your debt.
However, the fact still remains that most rich people I know use some form of debt leveraging. Debt is a constant in their lives, whether it is to a expand business or to invest in properties. Some “property gurus” I know have more than RM10 million in mortgages.
But before you go borrow as much as you can, you must know how to make better investment return with the cheap money you borrow. If not, you are destined for disaster. Read the rest of this entry »

Can a book change your life?

31 10 2014


Books are the simplest yet most powerful tool in transforming lives. They can provoke us to think.They can prompt us to challenge the status quo.

They can compel us to act, change and transform our lives in ways that could otherwise be impossible in a world without books. Make no mistake. Books are not just for the bookish geek or the scholarly academic.

They are for anyone who has the hunger to learn and the desire to grow, and the will to break free and the courage to pursue their dreams, and the commitment to do something for their loved ones. Read the rest of this entry »

Bank Persatuan:Tiada Had Maksimum Syer Keanggotaan

18 03 2012


Tiada Had Maksimum Syer Keanggotaan
Pada tahun ini, sebagai memberi peluang kepada anggota sedia ada dan anggota baru untuk menambah pelaburan    syer keanggotaan masing-masing di Bank Persatuan,Anggota Lembaga telah bersetuju bagi permohonan keanggotaan baru dan tambahan syer keanggotaan sedia ada anggota individu dan anggota koperasi    tidak ditetapkan sebarang had maksimum.

Walaubagaimanapun had maksimum pelaburan syer keanggotaan di atas adalah tertakluk kepada Seksyen 33 Akta Koperasi 1993

Fadhilat Bersedekah

7 10 2011

1. Hadith daripada Abu Hurairah ra, katanya : Aku dengar Rasulullah saw bersabda : “Jangan kamu tolak orang yang meminta walaupun dia kafir.” Kata seorang sahabat : Ya Rasulullah! Bahawa kami bersedekah dengan sesuatu dari harta kami kepada orang kafir : Jawab Nabi : “ Bahawa mereka adalah makhluk Allah, sebenarnya sedekah itu jatuh pada tangan kudrat Tuhan yang Rahman.”


2.                      Malaikat berseru : Hai Tuhanku! Segerakanlah gantikan harta orang yang bersedekah dan segerakanlah bala bagi orang yang enggan ( bakhil ) bersedekah hartanya .                              (Al-Hadith)


3.                      Sedekah bersembunyi itu memadamkan kemarahan Tuhan dan sedekah berterang-terangan itu pengadang neraka.                                  (Al-Hadith)


4.                      Kata ulama : Sedekah itu 10 kepujian, lima di dunia dan lima di akhirat . Read the rest of this entry »

Setelah Mati – Apa Kisah Tentang Kita Yang diBualkan?

7 10 2011

NikmatNya Sedekah

Sebenarnya kejadian ni sudah hampir seminggu berlalu, Tapi aku ambil keputusan untuk tidak menulisnya pada hari kejadian kerana ingin melihat reaksi masyarakat tempatan tentang Arwah.

Pada petang isnin minggu lepas aku mendapat berita mengatakan salah seorang penduduk kampung aku baru sahaja meninggal dunia, disebabkan waktu tu hujan lebat dan hari sudah hampir malam, Imam mengambil keputusan untuk melakukan pengurusan dan pengkebumian jenazah pada keesokan harinya.

Yang menariknya tengtang Arwah ni ialah pada hayatnya beliau merupakan salah seorang jemaah yang selalu berjemaah di masjid dan beliau juga merupakan salah seorang hartawan di kampung aku. Read the rest of this entry »

9 things you didn’t know about the life of Steve Jobs

7 10 2011

For all of his years in the spotlight at the helm of Apple, Steve Jobs in many ways remains an inscrutable figure — even in his death. Fiercely private, Jobs concealed most specifics about his personal life, from his curious family life to the details of his battle with pancreatic cancer — a disease that ultimately claimed him on Wednesday, at the age of 56.

While the CEO and co-founder of Apple steered most interviews away from the public fascination with his private life, there’s plenty we know about Jobs the person, beyond the Mac and the iPhone. If anything, the obscure details of his interior life paint a subtler, more nuanced portrait of how one of the finest technology minds of our time grew into the dynamo that we remember him as today.
1. Early life and childhood
Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. He was adopted shortly after his birth and reared near Mountain View, California by a couple named Clara and Paul Jobs. His adoptive father — a term that Jobs openly objected to — was a machinist for a laser company and his mother worked as an accountant. Read the rest of this entry »